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New Album, Sapphire Cuts

Releasing January 27th 2023


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For Immediate Release

 TEYO! Releases New Album Sapphire Cuts, A Record of Confession

TEYO! returns after an extended break from music with his new album exclusively produced by Mud B, “Sapphire Cuts”. Contrary to his earlier works, Sapphire Cuts is a soulful, jazz-influenced Hip-Hop album that lays deep into the theme of confession. Leaving not one wall between the listener and writer, TEYO! is as descriptive and vulnerable as ever with this new release, writing on the themes of faith, insecurity, and love. The perfect release for when you need to connect and find comfort in others when you feel the most isolated.

Releasing under  Tears of Joy, January 27th, 2023.
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About TEYO!

At only 17 years old, MC and producer TEYO! is far beyond his years as a lyricist. His poetic and descriptive style of writing has played a key role in building his audience and has only continued to mold him into a better writer. Born in New Jersey, TEYO! has lived most of his life in isolation. Feeling disconnected from his peers and family, TEYO! turned to writing as a way to express himself in his early teenage years. In late 2021, TEYO! would go on to release his debut mixtape “HUMAN45”. A tape that would introduce TEYO! to a new audience who admired his wordplay, rhyme schemes, and braggadocio lyrics. All these took heavy inspiration from Kanye West, MF DOOM, CLBRKS, Earl Sweatshirt, and Freddie Gibbs. In 2022, TEYO! would release his debut album, “201”. An album that has been described by critics as “a sonic experience due to its heavy/hardcore sampling.” and "The mesmerizing beats mixed with in your face vocals makes for a contrasting yet flawless combination." This project was completely produced and written by TEYO! and would show his progression as an artist all around. Creating an abrasive and heart-wrenching mood.


Now ready for release in 2023, TEYO! Plans to take a turn in his style and has worked exclusively with fellow producer Mud B to create a new record filled with soul and heavy jazz influence titled, “Sapphire Cuts” and is to be released under his Independent label "Tears of Joy". "Sapphire Cuts" is to be TEYO!'s most vulnerable and transparent work as of yet.

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Phone: 201-745-8847

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